Waves VS Particles

Waves VS. Particles

Another of the big controversies at the root of physics is the Wave VS Particle debate. We can end that quickly be declaring, up front, that there are no particles. Science has never demonstrated a solid particle. Any other arguments?

So, it looks like it’s all waves. Stephen W. Hawking seems to agree in Brief History of Time. What we see as a particle is a node, a vibrational tuning point in/on a vibrating medium. At the most basic level they comprise an action, reaction and resultant. This we will identify with the half spin. These half spins combine in various ways and configurations into minimum systems (tetrahedra) which we will identify with Proton/electron, primary dualism, Yin and Yang. As these events combine and recombine the relative density of events per volume increases to where interference gives the appearance of solidity, mass.
Using this Synergetics Method, we can investigate the actual geometric configurations of these emerging levels of holon and attempt to gain a better understanding of how these things work.


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