The Center of the Universe

Science tells us that the Universe is expanding. In fact, it appears to be expanding at an accelerating pace. This “fact” was the product of an experiment done in 1883 referred to as the Michelson-Morley Experiment. But Michelson and Morley were trying to prove the existence of an Aether.

Since it appeared that light could travel through a vacuum there had to be some type of medium to carry these waves. Ironically this gave birth to the idea that light was both a particle and a wave and effectively put to rest the concept of an aether. The experiment has been repeated time and again with the same result. Unfortunately it leaves us with some messy details. The obvious part is the dual nature of light; is it a wave or particle? The other messy part is that during this experiment, the fact that the background radiation was strangely uniform, no matter which direction the interferometer was oriented, lead to the only logical conclusion that the Universe was expanding in all directions. This has been likened to the surface of a balloon as it expands. Nevermind that this is not even close to describing the anomalies which this presents

If the Universe is expanding, where is it expanding from? Where is the point where the “big bang” occurred? And where is it getting the energy from? In order to explain this, physics has invented dark matter and black holes to generate the required energy for such expansion but one thing physics can’t explain away is the following. It turns out that no matter where you measure from, the Universe appears to be expanding from that point. Seriously! If I measure it from where I am sitting it appears that I am at the center. If I measure from the moon, it appears to be expanding from there. How can this be?

Try this: Because of relativity we know that there is no way to tell if I am moving away from some object or if it is moving away from me other in respect to other objects. Additionally, we can’t say for certain if the Universe is expanding or if our point of view is shrinking. This is a generalized principle; relativity. Now let’s use Occam’s Razor here and try to trim things up. What makes more sense; that the Universe is expanding, consuming vast amounts of energy (which can’t be created or destroyed) to some limitless expanse or does it make more sense that by constantly dividing and subdividing matter into ever more complex configurations we, as consciousness, are in effect knitting our Universe out of energy events which only come into existence as particles by combining separating and re-combining into more complex highly evolved holons.

We’ll develop this concept a bit further as we progress but at this point I would like to just plant the idea. No proof, just the possibility that this could be or, more importantly, that it can’t be proven wrong.


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