The basic premise involved herein is that the Greeks, the source of most of the mathematics we use today, started from a place which, while it made perfect sense to them, has made our mathematical system needlessly complicated and non-intuitive. Secondary school mathematics serves most of western civilization with the tools required to survive quite nicely and much of it is quickly forgotten unless one pursues a career in the science related fields; Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc.

While it works well enough for 99% of humanity, our current system breaks down at the extremes, the macro and microcosms. At the atomic level and at the galactic levels our set of generalized principles begins to exhibit many contradictions and paradoxes which require layer upon layer of obfuscation and explanation. Stephen W. Hawking, at the conclusion of Brief History of Time wonders why we can’t seem to resolve Quantum Mechanics, operating at the micro level, with the Theory of Relativity operating at the macro level.
One of the typical stumbling blocks comes in the form of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle which states that certain pairs of properties, such as position and velocity, of a particle cannot both be predicted with complete accuracy. Hawking even goes on to state, “But, maybe that is our mistake, maybe there are no particles, but only waves. It is just that we try to fit waves to our preconceived ideas of position and velocity. The current mismatch is the cause of the apparent unpredictability.” Fuller states early on that science has never demonstrated a particle and contends that there only waves. Hawking also states that, “When we combine quantum mechanics with relativity, there seems to be a new possibility that did not arise before; that space and time together might form a finite, four-dimensional space without singularities or boundaries, like the surface of the Earth with more dimensions.” I contend that Fuller’s Synergetics describes that very space. Another physicist I know stated that, as of 2003, any physics reference older that 3 years was obsolete. We have theory upon theory to explain different anomalies which we can’t seem to explain. It is reminiscent of the 3 blind men examining the elephant. Each has a different description based on his own point-of-view. Well, imagine a physicist, a biologist and a chemist each explaining the human being. Each speciality has a viewpoint which leads to certain conclusions but none can adequately define the being that can write a song, paint a landscape and express love.

What if we had a common language such that each of us could understand, intuitively all branches of science, music, get the basics of biology, chemistry and physics?


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