Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks)

Back in the early 60’s a medium and channeler, Jane Roberts, began a regular contact with a spirit being named Seth. Seth claimed to be a teacher from another dimension who had come here to give us much valuable information about who we were and where we all fit in the Universe. I was somewhat sceptical of course, never having experienced any kind of spiritual or other-worldly event. I had to admit that, on finishing the book I could find little flaw in the logic of the concepts presented. Occam’s Razor all the way. Here was a far simpler way of expressing what we are all experiencing collectively. Mostly from a spiritual standpoint but it was very consistent and intuitive. Let me say that it helped me understand many of my own opinions of spirituality and mysticism, religion and agnosticism and I came away with a far greater acceptance and understanding of many belief systems. More importantly I believe I have made some critical links between science and meta-science, spirituality and mathematics. I hope to be able to tie the teachings of Seth in

    Seth Speaks

to some of the very Synergetic concepts we are looking at.


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