Richard Buckminster Fuller

I have been a fan of Bucky Fuller since my architecture days in the early 70’s. I have read most everything he has written and the major works several times. I believe my introduction to him was with The Whole Earth Catalog. But, this blog is about, above all, Fuller’s Magnum Opus, Synergetics and Synergetics Vol 2. In this work Fuller has laid out the language of the Universe. Much like mathematics but in many ways much simpler and more intuitive, making it possible for virtually anyone to be conversant in any area of expertise whether it be; Chemistry, physics, spirituality, mysticism, paranormal events, spirits, engineering or medicine.

I bought and read Synergetics when it was first published in 1971 and apparently was one of the few who actually bought and read Synergetics Vol 2. It’s no coincidence that used versions of Synergetics go for $25 whereas Vol 2 cost me $125. This is because, for many people Synergetics was difficult but only because it had no index, and many of the concepts seemed to be quite half-baked, so many people just didn’t bother with Vol 2. I hadn’t paid much attention to this fact until I started reading the scenarios Fuller recommended. He would track a concept and take it through both volumes the way it was written. Only problem was that both halves didn’t come out at once.

One of the things which helped to alleviate this problem was the project by E. J. Applewhite to put this entire work (Synergetics) online, fully noted and searchable. It is wonderful research tool and Mr. Applewhite is to be thanked for the effort.

Fuller only touches on the Spiritual while fully allowing for it. He is mainly focused on how things work. How trees and kites and bicycle wheels actually did their jobs in the most efficient and economical ways and did minimum damage to the environment. A way for all of humanity to realize its full potential and to realize that we must all come up as a whole not as parts with some rushing above others.




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