Mission Accomplished


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OK, I have moved all of the files from this blog successfully to nuuniverse.info and have it re-organized.

All new posts will be going only on nuuniverse.info and I am asking for feedback.


Moving Day

I have relocated Nuuniverse.wordpress.com to a new server. The new address is simply nuuniverse.info I have transferred most of the data and will be keeping this site up for an indeterminate time. All of the files got transferred but it is literally like a moving day. The images are arranged by apparently arbitrary sorts, the slider bar is not loading properly.

The upside is this new server gives me much more control over the site and enables me to have much more flexibility in presentation. I have a lot of needed rearranging to do. I hope it will enable certain features not available before.

Any feedback would be appreciated, just keep it nice Stay tuned.

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