Standard Model

 The Challenge which faces us at this juncture is whether we can map the “particles” of the Standard Model of physics (chart on the right), to the geometry of Synergetics which gives us a more intuitive vision of our Universe. I, for one, have a stretch to envision a “strange” force.

I am currently reviewing the various shapes in Synergetics with the apparent particles discovered by physics and looking at and for patterns most of which can be seen at the top of the home page. I hope to put up another chart shortly, if I can find some obvious connections to get the process going. Keep in mind none of these are conclusions, just an alternative way of looking at a Universe that appears to be, at times, largely incomprehensible.

I would invite anyone to contribute any suggestions. This is all new for me and I am hoping that others in diverse fields; science, spiritualism, psychology, who see connections (in positive ways please) let me know by commenting.


One comment on “Standard Model

  1. One of the first things we notice in the Standard Model is that the four sub-atomic particles which comprise the nucleus are differentiated by the distribution of “up and down spin”. The pattern of the 4 particles is basically UUD (110), UDD (100), DDU ( 001) and DUU (011).
    Now keep in mind, this is what appears to be happening as we sift through the runes. The fact that it is consistent certainly adds credence to its …consistency, but doesn’t necessarily prove, or even demonstrate, anything other than consistency. Additionally, one must keep in mind how often this Standard Model has been “retrofitted” or, inconvenient realities have been discarded.
    What we are looking for is a “Standard Model 4.D” which lets us use Synergetics’ 4 Dimensional Model and all of its additional variations and permutations to allow us to intuitively model our Universe while still allowing for such things as free will AND consistent generalized principles, unifying science and spirituality and giving all of us the choices we know that we have.

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