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The God Particle?

On the Fourth of July (not coincidently) the scientists in Berne, Switzerland, the site of the Large Hadron Collider are having a press conference to discuss the latest discoveries in the search for the Higgs Boson. This is a particle that the current,  3-dimensional cosmology requires for anything to exist, anything. They say it is extremely unstable and may only exist for a billionth of a second. It has been called the “God Particle.”

I suspect that what we will hear is that they really did almost see it and they’re pretty sure it is there, and will need 20 years and $50 million to further study the ramifications.

Just a guess. Let’s see.

I am proposing that the Vector Equilibrium is the model of the Higgs Boson. Unstable, only detectable when passing through the zero point. The basis of all that appears as “matter.”

The God Particle and…you’re it and right at the center of your Universe. Am I making sense here?

Oh, and a final point; if we pursue the Higgs Boson with $50 million and 20 years we may wind up with a handful of carefully screened scientists, a technological priesthood divining and defining reality. The Matrix.

Or, we could opt for the blue pill; look at the Universe the way nature does, and work with it, study it and teach future generations that this is not some secret but something anyone can understand and use.

How much of humanity’s ills are tied to one group getting control of another group through ignorance and contrived shortages?


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