An invitation to the 4th Dimension

A true 4 dimensional space

I am going to ask you to believe a few things here right at the outset of this proposal. Not that they aren’t true, it’s just that I can’t prove them. The reason I can’t prove them is that they are at a scale that is beyond the limits of our senses. Now keep in mind that science has been asking us to do exactly that since the mid-20th century. We were told, “It’s too complicated”, “beyond comprehension”, “doesn’t make sense but…”. Well, I have never quite been able to buy into that idea. I’m not alone apparently. Oh, and the other little catch to the established sciences; every time we discover the “answer” (the Higgs Boson is one of the latest) it leads to another 20 years of study to figure out what it all means.

So, these few things I am going to ask you to believe are no more than others; family, church, culture, ask you to believe. The difference is that, once we get these few things out of the way, we don’t have to do it again, ever. Everything else is built on these few beliefs. So, if everything turns out to be incorporated within this frame of reference, can we fail to accept these basic beliefs? The really good news is that we will get to do exactly that. I am proposing a way of looking at things, the way nature actually works, by using the same coordinate system that nature uses throughout the Universe. This system was called Synergetics by its discoverer/inventor, Richard Buckminster Fuller.

The minimum structure in Universe with an inside and outside.

I have studied Synergetics since it first came out in the mid-70s. Basically, what it said was that our 90º X,Y,Z coordinate system was flawed and not what nature uses and he proposed that nature used a 60º 4 dimensional coordinate system based on the closest packing of spheres.

3 dimensional, 90 deg (right) and 4 dimensional, 60 deg Synergetic System (left)

Stephen Hawking in A Brief History of Time states, “…maybe there are no particles, but only waves.” Fuller states early on that science has never demonstrated a particle and contends that there only waves. Hawking also states that, “When we combine quantum mechanics with relativity, there seems to be a new possibility that did not arise before; that space and time together might form a finite, four-dimensional space without singularities or boundaries,” (both required to make the current theory work) “like the surface of the Earth with more dimensions.” I contend that Fuller’s Synergetics  describes that very space. So, there you have it, from the top guy. Sir Isaac Newton Chair of Astrophysics, Cambridge University. No particles, only waves and 4 dimensions. Stephen Hawking thinks that that might be a possibility. So, this is what I am asking you to believe. There are no particles only waves and these waves tie together in little knots and these are hydrogen atoms and they are openings into a background energy we’ll call the aether. I’m even going to show you what I believe they look like. I can’t prove anything but, it doesn’t require any wild imaginings either. Consider the Sun; where does that energy come from? Then consider all the visible stars, all pumping energy into space. Science says it all came about as the product of a big explosion which took place millions of years ago and scattered this energy randomly in clusters throughout the known Universe to coalesce into matter.

Here’s the problem with that; if we accept this instantaneous explosion and we see ourselves within this expanding Universe, it must be expanding from a point. The catch is that the Universe appears to be expanding from wherever we measure it. Let me repeat that, it’s really critical. The Universe is expanding (accelerating, actually) from whatever point we/I measure it. If I look out from here, it is expanding uniformly…from here. If you measure it from where you are, that’s the center. This is what you are being asked to swallow by modern science. They know all about the background energy, how long the energy needs to cool down, density of matter out there, but it just doesn’t add up!

“No matter,” says science, “We’ll make up ‘dark matter’ to explain it.”

And we may ask, “What is dark matter?”

And, the answer is, “We don’t know but, we need it to explain this accelerating expansion.” So this is what I was asked to swallow, a circuitous line of thinking at best, and I did… until I read Synergetics, because Fuller gives us a way of looking at these most basic of beliefs in a way that makes sense.

Here’s another way of looking at a 4 dimensional space with the axes through the center of the triangular faces of a Vector Equilibrium.

The 4 dimensions of Syneretics are represented by the pairs of triangular openings in the VE

Another contradiction we are asked to swallow in particle physics is the dual nature of light. Light exhibits some qualities of a particle (mostly, it can travel through a vacuum) and of a wave (can pass through another solid and exhibits diffraction patterns). I will present here another possible view of what we are being asked to believe by modern science. Not another belief , to be swallowed, just a new approach to an existing problem. We’ll get into more detail presently.

Just to keep it real, let’s see how our tetrahedron/Synergetic space works as a model of minimum reality; a hydrogen atom. Most plentiful element in the Universe, main component of our stars and the source of all energy. Here’s where the 4th dimension, as physical reality, begins.

Finally, let’s put out a few hypotheses to start thinking about.

First, to address the issue of the expanding Universe, let’s try this view. Instead of “us” as points in an expanding Universe, consider that we are shrinking within an energy background. Keeps “me” at the center of my Universe and you at the center of your’s with no complications from physical laws. Relativity allows for just such a scenario. Now, in that context think of this second hypothesis…that we, as consciousness, are dark matter. pulling in energy, causing synergy (opposite of energy), knitting our own Universes out of the unlimited background energy of the aether. Any reason it wouldn’t worK?


4 comments on “An invitation to the 4th Dimension

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  2. This is a good overview of 4th dimensional physics. What are the component pieces of the 60deg figure you have in the blue image above? If squares make up a cube, what makes up that figure?

  3. Well, several of the images are simply tetrahedra which represent the minimum structure in Universe. They are all made up of triangles. Anything less doesn’t have an inside/outside and anything more is unnecessary. The other figure is a vector equilibrium. Basically what you get when you closest pack 12 spheres around a central nuclear sphere and connect the centers with vectors. All edges are equal length. This is what nature uses again and again. A cube is basically unstable and can’t be used to make much of anything else. AAMOF, in nature, when you see a cube it is usually a “double-tet“, 2 tetrahedra forming a cube.

  4. BTW we don’t see Vector Equilibria in nature because it represents a resting state, a zero point which energy only passes through as it morphs through all of the other platonic solids. This is what gives us the quantum effect. See Cosmic Hierarchy.

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