One of the things this new technology is offering us is an unprecedented manner of presenting information. I have known for a long while that what I was presenting was not your everyday subject. I mean, consciousness shrinking, consciousness creating matter, links to channelers and astrophysicists, where is this going? And, that’s the problem. What I am trying to do here is present material in such a way that the “absorber” (you) find it by seeking what you are interested in. If you’re a mathematician many of the subjects may be trivial. If you are a student you may wish to skip the math altogether 😉

The pages listed across the top of the screen are all tied together by the “Table of Contents”. I put the more “finished” stuff in these pages. I use the posts to put up immediate thoughts and unpolished ideas. The posts are grouped by “Catagory” listed on the right. I am in the process of knitting all of these pages and posts together so that one should, theoretically, be able to start at any post or page that might interest you and lead to other related posts and pages. On the downside I am concerned there is too much redundancy. Fuller himself had a “justification of redundancy”. These ideas are new and it is only by examining them from different directions, over and over again, and challenging them, which I invite any and all to do, that we begin to accept them as more than just theories.


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