The Center

One of the more difficult concepts to grasp by many is the idea that we are shrinking rather than the Universe expanding. Let me see if this makes things clearer:

We know that energy radiates outward radially, this is also the direction of entropy; ergo, time. Syntropy, the opposite of entropy, and the direction of greater order, is completely consistent with this concept of consciousness shrinking. Consciousness forms this matter which then immediately begins to breakdown radially toward greater chaos…

This is where the toroidal shape comes in; energy coming in, is knit into greater order by consciousness (nucleus, primary dualism) through two counter-rotating layers of the aether to be disbursed at the opposite pole…it’s PERFECT!

We humans see either the entropy or the syntropy depending on which way we focus, outside or in. This places us always at the center of this Universe we create and continue to re-create and maintain in perfect balance. Interestingly, some things may get turned around. Meditation, usually thought of as looking “Inside”, since “we” are already as inside as we could possibly get, becomes to look “Outside”! Looking Out to the bgger picture, to the Universe, to become better able to take in what it has to give, the energy, the Light and understand it. To create ever greater realities. It’s what we have created ourselves to do 😉

It has a lot of implications.


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