Dark Matter

Let’s take a quick look at this whole “dark matter” controversy. In order to account for all of this energy (stars, basically) there must be a source, so we have invented “dark matter”. How about we look at this as Syntropy? Areas where the energy being pulled in is greater than that being radiated. So, from this POV, we are the dark matter! We, as consciousness, are taking in the energy to create our environment. And, we all follow the exact same rules to very different ends/beginnings. Much as they have done with stem cells.

Turns out stem cells have a unique property. They can grow into whatever kind of cell system you want. I.e. if you implant stem cells onto a heart which has been stripped of all live cells and basically only has it’s shape, the cells will grow to fit whatever is required for the heart; muscle, valve, artery. With a replication of a basic cell form we can create whatever cells we need. This is what happens on every level of every system throughout the Universe. We, humans do the exact same thing when we, within any given social structure, choose to become policemen, carpenters, accountants to fill various needs in a greater holon we call government or tribe or community. I suppose there are, perhaps, other universes with different rules but, this is as far as I’ve gotten, so far.


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