On Patience

 I like to get on the internet early in the morning. I have found that like many here in CR I get to bed early, sometimes as early as 7 PM and then I wake up at 11 and then again at 3 AM or thereabouts. It happens to turn out that at this hour the internet can be wide open and speeds on the order of a meg a second are available. It’s all I need.

So, I’m up this morning doing those routine things I have evolved over the aeons, check mail, go to FB, check any pertinent accounts. I like to get that done in the morning. Now, I’m a guitar player, I love the instrument and anytime I hear something that I think will sound good on the guitar and might get me a girlfriend I’ll stop and check out. So, Paul McCartney comes on Radio Dos at 5:30 AM doing Blackbird. Now I have wanted to learn to play this song for a long while. I think I even had a version of it but it didn’t work.  Some tunes required a level of compentency which I hadn’t yet achieved. But, I’m listening to McCartney doing Blackbird and realize that this is now within my reach, I do a couple other tunes of that difficulty. So I resolve to immediately learn to play this song. Surely, this will get me laid!

So, I jump to Ultimate Guitar Tab, my online musical resource where I can look up any tab and, if necessary transpose it into any key I might desire. They also have an auto-scrolling feature so you can play and the music automatically scrolls down the screen, no turning pages, and it’s adjustable, of course. Did I mention I can get a video showing how to do the fingering? So, I am getting ready to get on, but the internet is hanging up.” Page expired”, “Unable to Connect”, all the annoying little things that serve to remind us how freakin’ impatient we can become. I thought to myself, “Oh, well, I can wait.” And I really had to laugh at the usage of the word “wait.” I was “waiting” to get my instant gratification. I then was forced to reconcile this vision of patience with what I used to have to do to learn a song “back in the day.”

If I heard a song I wanted to play my search would usually start at the local music store and if the musician, and the album the song came from, were very popular, you might be able to drop 8 bucks or so, if the song was in the book, to buy it. That’s about $20 in today’s dollars. Or you could check magazines at $4 a pop to catch a tune or two, at least they were more current. It often took weeks and months to find a decent transcription with words, chords and tab. If it wasn’t in your key or a good fingering you had to trans scribe it by hand. I have a notebook somewhere with 10 or 15 entire note for note transcriptions of songs I wanted to learn. It could be a long, arduous task finding new music and trying to learn it.

What an interesting mixture of addiction (to speed of access to information), and preference for a tremendous tool. I think some of the teaching of the 12 Pathways seems particularly relevent here. By realizing that this entire concept of access to information must be a preference. And yet, it behooves each and every one of us to take the utmost advantage of this resource to educate ourselves and future generations and to make every effort to keep it open and free while realizing it could all go away tomorrow.  The Genie is out of the bottle, let’s use her to our best effort, who else do you trust?

Now, let me go see if I have a connection, yet.


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