Difference Engine

I have no idea where this came from or what it is but, I thought it was worth saving.

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Platonic Solids

In this series I would like to show the different manifestations of the Platonic Solids in relation to the Vector Equilibrium (in yellow). The octahedron is red and the cube is green. As we develop this, I hope it will become more clear how these shapes relate to one another. At the same time we will to attempt to tie this geometry into the larger space of Sacred Geometry.

Vector Equilibrium

The Root of it All

The image above represents one of the most basic concepts in Synergetics.

We are looking at the vectors connecting the 12 spheres surrounding a 13th nuclear sphere. This figure rarely appears in nature as it is representative of a “zero point” that is passed through from minus to plus extremes.This concept is so basic that I will be showing a series of different ways of looking at this figure and also how it appears as it rotates around different axes.