Through the Looking Glass

Welcome to Synergetics Redux!

I have been working, playing and messing with Synergetics since the books came out. Let the attached be a little glimpse of what is coming out in this work. I develop all of the images using “POV-ray” a free, efficient, and amazingly versatile 3 dimensional modelling system with which I believe I can model anything I can imagine. The fact that it is text based was a challenge but I have found, with practice, the ease of use has gotten comfortable enough that I don’t need to pay a few grand for a legitmate copy of Studio Max. It may be that I am just getting used to it, or maybe POV-ray is somehow more intuitive for interpretation of 4 Dimensional space.

These are the first images coming out so don’t expect too much, they are a bit rough. I hope to get, not only better images, but to upgrade them as we go.

Without going into the details of how I generated these animations I’ll just say it is a very simple, stable geometric arrangement found on many holistiic layers throughout nature and the Universe. For now I am just going to periodically post a new image and, perhaps point out some details.

One possible interior view of an atomic particle

The one you see above is a 4 dimensional model of what the inside of an atom may look, or function, like. For the moment this is just a collage, a mixture of some guesses as to what this might look like. But, it’s a start. I want to try this basic system and to use these pieces to build models of some of the current physical processes, which we are told, are either totally non-intuitive or indescribably complex. I find either answer a cop-out. Since science hasn’t done a very good job of giving us models, I’d like to take a crack at it. The models I am submitting aren’t meant to be photographs, more like blueprints. Items like; spin and half-spin, electron cloud, a nucleus, Zero Point Energy.

Now, humankind has long established the concept of icons, images and dreams as sign posts to other regions of the Universe. One of the obvious things I have noticed, using Synergetic Coordinates is how many times and at how many different scales these human generated icons appear. Star of David, Tree of Life, Pyramids, DNA Helix, torsion waves, interference pattterns, Platonic Solids, they’re all there. Take a look.

I’ll try to point them out as we go.

Star of David

The Star of David is quite obvious here as the double tetrahedron which shows up in Melchizidek’s Living In The Heart. Pyramids as half octahedra of the secondary layer. We’ll dig a bit deeper to show the relation of these platonic solids to the spheres they proscribe. For now we’ll just see if any of these spark any ideas or concepts.

And, I would like to remind you, that the images you are watching are all modelled simply using 4 – 120 degree angled edges of a tetrahedron, the minimum structure in Universe.

To find out more and to download an animated introduction to the World of Synergetics, start here



I hope you have the patience to download the [FULL ANIMATION].

If you are on a slower connection it may appear jerky until all of the images have downloaded. As long as the images are changing, they are still not completely downloaded. If you do drugs you may want to have a friend watch it first.

What we are looking at here is my initial introduction to a new form of modeling and model building. Based on Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics, I am developing a way to model some of the more difficult images to envision in modern physics. In the future I hope to expand greatly on this model and to, perhaps, receive feedback on the concepts presented.

What you are seeing here is the Synergetic Model of what the nucleus of an atom looks like. We aren’t going to bother with “what atom?” or atomic weight just a generic proton (nucleus) and electron combination. We will produce several variations on this theme and see if any of them coincide with other scientific, philosophical, or theological views.

We’re Rolling

I have been re-reading much of David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos and feel strongly that many of the models I am building are directly in line with his concepts as presented in it and Ascension 2000. I think many of us are coming to the same point, sometimes from very disparate directions and yet we know that this all has to make sense. How could it be otherwise. The only way we can communicate, as humans, is to establish certain agreed upon rules of language and illustration and use these to establish a higher community or “holon”. We are as chicks breaking out of the shell and realizing we are not alone.

The Puzzle is no longer a Puzzle

It all makes sense. All the questions that physicists, scientists, naturopathic medicine practitioners, various spiritual communities and even secret government agencies from around the world have pondered, some for centuries, but could not prove using traditional physics and mathematics, are revealed in the pages of this Blog. I was finally able to create models for the theories relating to “Synergetics”; how the universe works … so that everyone could see for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking credit here for the long list of physicists, scientists, theorists and many others who have spent many countless hours, years and lifetimes working on this puzzle. I am also not taking credit for all the work others have done to research and collect the information generated by these various people and put much of it in book form. But as far as I can tell, no one has been able to take Buckminster Fuller’s written volumes and set them out in a clear understandable format with quality diagrams let alone moving visual models.

I feel that after over 40 years of trying to understand and then solve this puzzle of the universe and share this with others, I have finally come to this point where I feel that I found a way, through my models, to allow even the ordinary lay person and school children to understand the workings of our world and everything in it using Synergetics Principles.

I am looking forward to sharing this over the next few weeks and months and would like to talk to a few prominent people as well as any others like myself who have also been working on this puzzle.