Holographic Universe

I just finished Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe and found that I agreed with most everything he posited about the Universe looking like a hologram. Using exhaustive examples of all manner of scientific and spiritual contradictions and mysteries he serves the purpose of showing the reader why the Universe is a hologram. Good. Now what? He implies that knowing this will get us further along our evolutionary path but is a bit short on details as to how we would go about this task.

I would like to take his holographic concept and do something with it. Maybe it will help us create the model we would like to see. A different way of projecting multi-dimensional spaces, perhaps. The concept of interference patterns runs all through the work I am doing. To be able to model this space and have it intuitively navigable would be quite an acheivement.

I would highly recommend Talbot’s book to anyone not already convinced that the Universe is holographic or who finds they have trouble defending such a position.


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