A Glimpse

Here is our Glass Bead Game:

In 1943 Herman Hesse published a book entitled “Der Glasperlenspiel” for which he later received the Noble Peace Prize. In it he envisaged a society where the best and the brightest were encouraged to become practitioners of “The Glass Bead Game”, a system of notation similar to musical notation which any practitioner could use to explain any concept. It functioned much as mathematics does for science except that mathematics has a few flaws which prevent even the most avid devotees from always attaining competency.

I first read this book about 45 years ago and it left an indelible mark on me that I didn’t even consider until I realized, after re-reading the book after 25 years, that I have been looking for this fictional Glass Bead Game for all of that time. I was born a model builder, I think. I have done it all my life and I realized that the Universe itself hasn’t been modelled in any satisfactory fashion as near as we can tell. And yet, so many of us are striving for this very understanding. Isn’t this what humankind has always done? Sought answers? In an interview I can’t recall the source of, an Ultra-orthodox rabbi was asked if he thought his religion conflicted with his work in genetic engineering. As best as I can recall his answer was something like, “If God didn’t want me to figure it out he wouldn’t have put it in front of me.” Good answer!


How’d I get here?

No, not in the real metaphysical sense, or is that an oxymoron? I mean, I started this task of modelling the Universe many years ago and have been on hiatus for a while. The rate of change we have seen in science is unprecedented and, in many cases, unpredictable and yet we continue to experiment on our populace in the name of economies, exigencies or profit; one and the same it could be argued. We have science basically admitting we have no idea where we came from and that many of the principles we have been taught are just plain wrong. Biology and physics are fabricating more and more complex explanations to describe what life really is and where it came from and finding it knows less and less. The Large Hadron Collider, which is supposed to be giving us insights to some of these questions, has returned over 20 years of data to be analyzed.
Here, we are going to propose something which may appear, at first glance, to be counterintuitive. What we are proposing here is a different way of looking at how nature works. Nature doesn’t use the 90 degree x,y,z Cartesian coordinate system we have been taught and have had etched into our collective psyche. No, nature uses a 4 dimensional, 60 degree system based on the closest packing of spheres proposed and exquisitely presented by the late Richard Buckminster Fuller perhaps best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome.

“So what?”, you may say. Well, what if we had a language, a notation which we all had common access to. Much like what mathematics is supposed to be for science. Unfortunately, we don’t all have access to this language. The reason is not that we can’t learn it, but that it is flawed and that very flaw prevents the vast majority of humanity from being able to comprehend most of the world around us. As we proceed through this work I hope to show many of you, perhaps, new ways of looking at your own areas of interest without the mental gymnastics required by our difficult and flawed language.

These posts are going to be presented as they occur to me. The pages I’ll use for more detailed and focused considerations.